In the old days, villages remained largely isolated from the world outside and it was usually only when a road made its way into the village and people were able to travel, that outside influences began to creep in, bringing with them change, not always for the better. But for women, access to the public world still remained limited, and although they too felt and experienced some level of change, they were not often able to give expression to it. The works that you see here, describe a different reality—they show how, in recent years, women have become increasingly mobile, using bicycles, buses, sometimes even cars and jet planes—and perhaps we may be allowed to speculate that this increasing mobility has given women greater access and participation in the public sphere.

Modern Women vs Traditional Women
City Life and Women
City Women in the Countryside
Modern Women Watching a Traditional Performance
Traffic in the City: Women Venturing Out
Women, Modern and Rural, on the Move
Women, Women Everywhere, Ever Busy
Fighting for Freedom
Flying High
Modern Life and Love
Going Places
Mobile Women: Free to Go Anywhere